Co.LAB is an online business learning platform and community for creative entrepreneurs to connect, share, grow and thrive doing what they love.

Co.LAB stands for: Community, Collaborate, Connect, Cooperate, Coordinate, Co-exist, Co-work, Co-create...
As you can see, it is very important for us to build and sustain a community that can provide you with practical information, emotional support and opportunities to connect and create together. It is also a laboratory where experiments take place in a safe, supporting environment, where knowledge is exchanged and new connections are made: A place where great things happen!

We know it is possible to thrive, not starve, by using your creative talents. We believe you have a vision and it is important to share it with the world: It is unique, it is powerful, and if you don’t find a way to express it, it will be lost. We support you in fulfilling your own, very personal definition of success.

We are also aware that creative minds are quite unique and they often like to learn things in a fun, engaging way, following their own schedule and their specific needs, instead of getting information in a pre-packaged way. But at the same time, they need some structure and a good plan to bring their ideas to life. We worked hard to put together all these needs and design our trainings and tools especially for highly creative minds!


Co.LAB supports creative entrepreneurs by providing strategy, systems and structure to help them define success based on their life purpose, generate financial stability and free their time to focus on their authentic creative work. 

The foundational blocks:
Who you are, what you do and how you want to make an impact in the world.
The engine that makes you go faster:
Systems support your growth and make your work easier and more productive.
The frame that holds it together:
It gives direction to your actions and help you thrive in what you do.


The 90 Day Action Planner
We created The 90 Day Action Planner to provide entrepreneurs with an easy, engaging, effective tool to organize, prioritize and plan their action to make things happen.

As creative entrepreneurs, we have been on a look-out for planners to meet our needs. We wanted to have a space to capture and combine big vision and aligned actions all in one space but current planners in the market are mainly focused as daily agendas or journals.

Understanding the special needs of entrepreneurs in capturing ideas and making them visible, we decided to come up with the The 90 Day Action Planner to help us keep track of the direction we are going from our life purpose, to our big goals, to our daily actions.
What is unique about The 90 Day Action Planner is the clarity it can help you in defining your life purpose, setting your goals for your business, connecting you to your core needs, evaluating obstacles, plotting your actions and creating a support system that can anchor you in reaching your goals.

You can consider The 90 Day Action Planner as a condensed, portable version of the Co.LAB method: We packed in it all our best strategies and tools to get you from idea to action – fast and effectively – and keep your work on track.

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  • For me being in the Co.LAB Community is a very valuable adventure. I have been meeting new people, learning from their experiences. This helps me very much in clarifying what I want to achieve and what my weaknesses are. It feels as a warm and safe place to be. The Co.LAB program also forces you to stay focused.
    Adva Tas, Opera Singer
  • Thank you for the love and care that you have put in the 90 Day Action Planner. During my Co.LAB journey in last couple of months I have learned a lot. The way you connect and create a community is absolutely incredible. I highly recommend Co.LAB to everybody who is building their own business. You are simply the best!
    Hilda Wieland, Yoga Teacher
  • If you are a freelancer and looking for some support to improve and expand your business, subscribe to the amazing Co.LAB program. They will give you a huge help and support. And a lot of kicks in the ass.
    Barbara Zonzin, Photographer
  • Having this 90 Day Planner in my hands makes me feel like I have a clear unit of time to accomplish something important, that I can break the important stuff into units. For someone who has too many ideas, it creates clarity. It's a powerful tool and support.
    Nathalie Hennequin, Designer and coach


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Eleonora is a multipassionate professional with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of creativity, communication, and branding. 
With a MA in Philosophy, and a BA in Graphic Design, she brings together the scientific approach and her hands-on experience on being creative for a living. In 2014 she founded The Creativity Project, to explore creativity in all its aspects and guide people in expressing the fantastic worlds hidden in their minds.
She is a mom to two kids and wife to a talented filmmaker. She loves running and is addicted to coffee, acrylic paint and rock music.
Eleonora brings to Co.LAB her unique point of view on being an highly creative person with a different wired mind, her experience in branding and her mission to support creatives in expressing their unique, weird self.
Lana is an Educational consultant for International organizations and schools. She provides training and support on various areas related to curriculum design, project planning and personal development.
Her background in Family Life and Child Development along with her certifications on Gifted and Talented Education, Reading Instruction and Making Thinking Visible has shaped her passion on creating a culture of learning and engagement.
She is a mom to two children and a loving partner to her husband. In her spare time she writes poetries and creates guided meditations.
Lana brings in Co.LAB her knack in looking at the big picture and making it visible into actionable steps, plus her love for building strong, supportive communities.