December is a good period to reflect back on the year.

A working paper by Francesca Gino and Gary Pisano of Harvard Business school shows that reflecting on what you’ve done teaches you to do it better next time.

As Peter Drucker said:

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How are you taking time for self- reflection?

As entrepreneurs reflection is not a skill that we easily learn. To guide you in this process of self-reflection, here are 5 compelling questions to jumpstart your year-end reflection process:

1. What are my successes?

Are you a success chief? Someone who is on the look-out for low-hanging fruits and celebrate them?

Did you know that when you are learning something new and you have a success, even a small one, your brain get a little reward bump of the pleasure neurotransmitter dopamine?

This means every time we celebrate our successes, our brain gets a hit of dopamine which is used to thicken the neural pathways needed to learn a new skill. The more that we celebrate successes, the more our brain retains the information we need to succeed. So what are your successes? and how did you celebrate these successes? How can you include celebrating your successes as a daily practice for the coming year?

2. What did your clients and early adopters say about you, your programs, products, or services?

Reflect back on the feedback that you got from your clients as these can deliver tangible data that you can use in planning for the coming year. Use the feedback that you got in identifying the areas you need to work on, the areas that you excel at and how you can provide actionable steps to create a better customer experience.

Keeping track of feedback is important to progressively improve in your business, it is also a fast way to retain your customers. Keep a feedback file- a file of what your customers have shared about how it is to work with you or also send a survey to get a pulse of what they think about your programs, products or services. Use these to reflect on what your action items can be for next year.

3. What are my biggest lessons for this year?

Lets face it entrepreneurship is not just about successes. It’s also about the lessons you get from different experiences.

My 9 year old son’s favorite mantra is: “ you don’t fail, you learn”.

What have you learned as an entrepreneur for this year? How can you ensure that you remember these lessons? As an exercise write a reminder to yourself of: 10 Things I learned for this year and what I would do instead”. Post this in an area where you can be reminded of these intentions.

4. What do I want to invite more for the coming year?

My business partner, Eleonora and I discussed this question over lunch and we both agreed on two essentials: YES to more speaking opportunities and YES to more trainings. In The Year of Yes, a bestselling book by Shonda Rhimes, she detailed how her entire life changed when she committed to saying “yes” to everything for one year. In her memoir, Rhimes lives up to her promise to show the world “How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person.”

Saying yes to everything might seem so daunting, so let’s start with the small steps of saying yes to what you want to invite more of in your life. What are your non-negotiables? Can you identify at least three tasks, activities that you want to do more of, to dance it out, stand in the sun and be your own person?

5. What do I need to focus on NOW to move me forward in my business?

“If you want to hit a home run, don’t take your eye off the ball.”

Flourishing businesses attain greatness by avoiding situations that might distract them. Focus is considered to be the gateway to business success. In his book, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, Daniel Goldman mentioned how it is so hard to pay attention and focus in our society today. He emphasized on how our attention is under sieged largely by technologies like emails, our phones, texts. His advice is to become more intentional about focusing.

How are you flexing your focus muscle?

What is it that you need to focus on NOW to move you forward in your business?

What are your priorities for the next 90 days?

Research at the USC Mind & Society Center found that goals beyond 90 days increase the level of procrastination. Lets jumpstart the coming of the new year by being laser focused on our goals.

Need help planning and executing your ideas? Join us in our 90 Day Action Planning Challenge, beginning mid-January till mid April 2018!

During the challenge, participants will receive weekly check-ins, prompts, short videos and additional tools that you can use to get your brilliant ideas visible and for you to make them happen. Aside from these, we will also have bi-weekly group calls (video calls) to share our challenges, concerns and celebrations. We will also encourage participants to choose accountability buddies to help in checking in and execution.

These are the 12 weekly themes we will work on:

What you can expect at the end of the program:

  • have more clarity on what your life purpose is and how that forms the red thread in all other endeavors
  • easily pursue brilliant ideas that have a market fit
  • radiate confidence in the alignment, ideation and execution process
  • be internally motivated to set goals and more importantly to accomplish goals

This program is a great fit for those who…

  • Are eager to get their brilliant ideas out in the world.
  • Are excited to be part of a community of creators, doers, innovators, makers and inspirators.
  • Need accountability with making great ideas happen.
  • Are willing to do the work and get focused for the next 90 days.

This program is not for those who…

  • Are not willing to commit in doing the work and focus needed.
  • Have difficulty finding time to work on their business or idea.
  • Find being part of a community distracting and would rather work on their ideas on their own.


Written by Lana Jelenjev