Lana here and it’s the start of the week!

Are you feeling excited with the week or are you dreading it?

If you are dreading Monday perhaps I can suggest a strategy that I employ to keep me facing Monday as an exciting start of the week.

I am feeling refreshed after choosing self-care and reconnection with love ones during the weekend. Another crucial part of my self-care is spending a few minutes doing my weekly braindump. A strategy that we have included in our book, The 90 Day Action Planner which greatly improves my productivity and energy within the week.

What’s the weekly braindump?

It’s a process that I learned from David Allen from his book, Get Things Done. Putting everything down that is “floating and keeping space in my head” and organizing them according to the Eisenhower Matrix of “Do, Decide, Delegate and Delete.”

Doing the weekly braindump gives me the reassurance that I have things under control, that I am not missing out (out the fear of missing out is so strong!) on information or appointments and that I have an idea of how my week will go. It then helps me to plan how to make use of my energy and plan for days of restoration.

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xoxo, Lana

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Stay tuned for more Monday Tips and to know more about our method!


Written by Eleonora Spagnuolo