Hi, Lana here. Feel overwhelmed with too many ideas?

As entrepreneurs I get you. You have a knack for turning compelling ideas into brilliant products or services. You also have the ability to generate new ones rapidly!

Yet like me you most probably get lost in the sea of ideas, in the scribbles in your notebooks or the swimming thoughts in your head.

Like me, you probably thought, there must be something else to make all these ideas come to life and make it manageable for you. To have a system that won’t keep you out of flow but will save you time and energy.

My story on looking for a system that works for me happened at a low point in my life. Experiencing “chemo brain”, a condition where memory and thinking difficulties occur after cancer treatment, I struggled to remember appointments, schedule my activities and got stuck with all the ideas in my head.

I used a great deal of time and energy using different apps, methods and in understanding what I needed to get me back to dreaming and action taking!

What I realized was I needed tools that work in making my thoughts be visible. I was glad I can use my training on Making Thinking Visible from Project Zero of Harvard to make me understand how to get clarity with my thoughts. I knew I needed to research on what works in the field of planning and productivity and to make it simpler, leaner and easier to implement.

Months of learning how to redesign my life after breast cancer included creating the tools and techniques for me to bring out my ideas and make them happen without sacrificing my emotional and mental state and my energy. I was fiercely committed to setting my systems, implementing boundaries and working on projects that nurture my being.

I wanted to Play Big, inspired so much by the work of Tara Mohr and the her class that I took. I wanted to capture all the things I have learned and used in getting clarity and setting clear goals so that I can share it with others. Doing clarity sessions for my clients was for some time my favored strategy. Until I realized I can reach more people than doing one-on-one client calls.

That was when the desire to put together The 90 Day Action Planner got sparked! I wanted to help entrepreneurs get clarity with their ideas so they can move forward in making them real and actionable. I wanted entrepreneurs to spend their valuable time doing what they love and getting rewarded for it in ways that matter to them. I want entrepreneurs to design their day knowing they are taking action towards their big goals and in alignment to their even bigger purpose.

Are you like me? Have you gotten tired of too many ideas and not enough time and energy to accomplish them?

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xoxo, Lana

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Written by Eleonora Spagnuolo