For most of my life, I thought that celebrating your accomplishments meant “bragging”. 


Growing up in the Philippines, we have words like “mapagkumbaba or kababang-loob” that were deeply ingrained in us. It was evident in our families, in our books in school, in our working environment. Humility is a term used not only to describe lack of vanity or modesty, it also became a term used for submissiveness, for meekness, for not taking pride in one’s agency.

As a 40 year old woman and having experienced challenges in life, I did quite a lot of reframing in my mindset. The most recent one that came out of my breast cancer experience is the understanding that I shouldn’t wait for anyone to celebrate me or to give me praise. In the same vein that I don’t need to wait for anyone to check in with me. I can do these celebrating and checking-in for myself. And for the past three years this has been my practice.

In times, when the “not enough thought” pops in, like “I am not doing enough for my business, I am not doing enough for my kids, or for the household” I do a simple technique. I write down all my accomplishments.

When I was doing chemotherapy that included writing things like,

I ate!

I went downstairs!

I went outside with my kids!

Those were days where I felt powerful. I owned my energy and my own agency. Those were days that I felt alive.

Now that I am fully recovered and fully energized, I find myself getting back to old patterns of “doing” and not “being”. Patterns like impatience when things do go my way. Or having thoughts of not accomplishing much!

In those situations, I try to look back and remind myself to celebrate.

To celebrate breathing.

To celebrate waking up and being surrounded by love ones.

To acknowledge that I am doing what I am purposely choosing to bring out in the world. To celebrate the intentionality with my choices.

To celebrate life.

And its not about bragging. It’s about finally realizing that I am my own champion and cheerleader.

In the spirit of celebrating, here’s a picture of me signing copies of our book, The 90 Day Action Planner during the European Entrepreneurs Conference. Yes to celebrating indeed!


xoxo, Lana

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Written by Lana Jelenjev